• manufacturer/type:

Sistrah / Megaphos, (variation on)
‘Model No. P4’

• designer, year:

Otto Müller, 1931

• material:
nickel plated metal mounts with stepped glass shade

• measurements:

±30 cm height, ±30 cm width/diameter

• condition:

Beautiful original condition, all inner glass pieces included (five singular pieces)! Could use some polish but we leave it this way.

Small ceiling hood probably non original.

• background:
In 1931 Otto Müller developed his series of ‘Sistrah’ lights, while working on the Technical Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe. The designs very well reflect the BAUHAUS doctrine.

• literature:
Charlotte & Peter Fiell 

1000 Lights, 1878 to 1959

page 319

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V168: BAUHAUS inspired Sistrah ‘P4’ hanging lamp, designed by Otto Müller in 1931

© Salonfähig, 2013

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As the distributor of Poul Henningsen’s PH lighting range in Germany, Otto Müller decided to produce his own version of these highly successful lights. Manufactured under the ‘Sistrah‘ trademark (Megaphos in foreign countries), Müller’s designs were the Teutonic equivalent of the PH lighting system. The idea behind their design was to make the bulb invisible in order to create a dazzle free light.

As was the case with its Henningsen counterpart, Müller & Zimmer produced many different versions of the ‘Sistrah‘ light, for use from desk to ceiling. The name ‘Sistrah’ derives from the German phrase, “sie strahlt hell” - which can be translated as, “she shines brightly”. The designs were intended to produce a non-glaring light that could be focused accurately, which meant they were especially suitable for medical environments. Additionally, their stepped, one-piece glass shades, thus, making them a more hygienic lighting solution. source: Charlotte & Peter Fiell / 1000 Lights, 1878 to 1959 / page 319-320

For more information regarding ‘Sistrah’, please visit (in German): http://www.sistrah.de

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