• manufacturer/type:


• designer, year:

Meindert Zaalberg, 1958

• material:
hand thrown ceramic form with thick glazed

• measurements:

62 cm high, 40 cm diameter on top

• condition:

Beautiful original condition with minor user marks on the underside. Not visible when displayed.

• background:

In 1958 the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam exhibited the work of Meindert Zaalberg. The piece we offer dates from this same period. In the book ‘Een hemel van wereldse klei’ a photo is published from 1958 with a similar piece. Sophisticated and important piece of mid century Dutch ceramic design.

• literature:
B. Jan Aalbers
Een hemel van wereldse klei
Meindert Zaalberg pottenbakker

page 78

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K077: mid century garden ornament, designed and hand thrown by Meindert Zaalberg

© Salonfähig, 2013

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The Zaalberg family has been creating beautiful ceramics for three generations. Herman Zaalberg I (1880-1950) founded studio De Rijn in 1918. In 1937 the name was changed to Potterij Zaalberg. Herman Zaalberg had two sons, Meindert and Maarten. Maarten (1924-1989) settled in South Africa where he founded his own studio, also called Potterij Zaalberg.
Meindert (1907-1989) settled in Ommen in the province of Overijssel where he founded the studio Ommen. He also marked some of his pots “Marco Polo”, a nod to the 13th century traveler who introduced fine ceramics to Europe. Meindert had two sons Herman II (1935-) and Gijb (1937-), both of whom became potters. Herman II continues to work at his studio in Leiderdorp in the province of zuid Holland.
source: http://www.lets-go-dutch.com/images/zaalberg/zaalberg.html