• manufacturer/type:


• designer, year:

Tjerk Reijenga, ±1955

• material:
black painted metal frame

• measurements:
102 cm height x 100 cm width x 24 cm deep

• condition:

Nice original condition with very minor user marks

• background:

Very rare piece by  Dutch interior- and furniture designer Tjerk Reijenga. Nice piece of late fifties modernism from Holland.
Sober, exquisite and minimal design.

• literature:
None found so far

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Pilastro room divider, designed by Tjerk Reijenga

© Salonfähig, 2013

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Tjerk Reijenga was born from a family of black smiths. Tjerk’s grandfather made all the lighting fixtures for the ‘Vredespaleis’ royal house.
So for this Frisian family and especially for Tjerk, thinking, dreaming and designing in metal was quite common. Tjerk Reijenga used to live in Zandvoort and had a metal factory in Amsterdam and a bigger one in Zwanenburg Holland. They were the first company to produce a metal folded wall unit in Europe. The Pilastro company got very successful in the sixties and had selling points in France, Germany and Belgium. They produced over 60 designs in 11 different colors. Some of the products even got exported to Chili.

Over 600 stores in Holland sold Pilastro products. All these products very well reassemble the look of Dutch modernism after world war II. All products look very clean and minimal like other Dutch modernistic applied arts made from companies like TOMADO, Pastoe or ‘t Spectrum.

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