• manufacturer/type:

Marcello Cuneo, Luisa

• designer, year:

Marcello Cuneo, ±1972

• material:
chromium metal frame with leather upholstery

• measurements:

88 cm dept x 67 cm width x 90 cm height

• condition:

beautiful original condition.


Since the 60s, Architect Marcello Cuneo has been an exponent of the Italian interior design and industrial design that has become so well known all over the world as a synonim of high quality design.

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M351: minimalistic lounge chair ‘Luisa’, designed by Italian architect Marcello Cuneo

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Marcello Cuneo (1933) collaborated with architect Gio' Ponti from 1962 to 1970, with whom he helped to develop major international projects like office buildings, department stores, museums, churches and villas. He has been working as a freelance professional since 1971 and his interests are quite varied, dealing with architecture, furniture and industrial design. In the field of industrial design he began by creating a ceramic lamp, Longobarda, for Gabbianelli, Milan; he has designed wood furniture for Cassina, Meda (MI), for La Linea, Lurago d'Erba (CO), upholstered furniture for Arflex, Giussano (MI), for Rossi di Albizzate, Albizzate (VA), office furniture for Comforto, Ahlen (D), printed fabrics for Jsa, Busto Arsizio (VA), lighting fixture for Stilnovo and Valenti of Milan, laboratory containers for oceanographic research for ENEA of La Spezia, fair shows for Durium Records, Milan, Sitac-Crespi, Milan, office equipment, exhibition modules for C.N R of Rome and rolling mills for Mino, Alessandria. In the buildings field he worked for Sculponia, Casteggio (PV), for FEAL, Milan in metallic prefabrication. He also realized traditional buildings and interior decoration realizing touristic-residential units in Costa Paradiso (SS), Badesi (SS), Residence Residence "Le Corti" Milan, Hotel "Villa Odescalchi", Alzate Brianza. He dealt with remakes,the most recent are the seat of the Mino Company and the Cinema Moderno in Alessandria. He has worked on the lighting project of the design for the library of the University of Salzburg with Prossinger and Windisch Studio. source: http://www.deconet.com

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