• manufacturer/type:

‘t Spectrum / Anvers TE21

• designer, year:

Claire Bataille & Paul Ibens, 1971

• material:
stainless steel frame, partly brushed and partly beaded in the angles of the frame, the top is wood veneer

• measurements:

70 cm high x 142 cm lenght x 89 cm width

• condition:

beautiful vintage condition, with minor usermarks to frame and top.

• background:

Very sober shaped and minimalistic designed table.

• literature:
Jojanneke Clarijs

’t Spectrum

page 91

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M336: ‘Anvers’ table, designed by Claire Bataille & Paul Ibens for ‘t Spectrum

© Salonfähig, 2013

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Claire Bataille & Paul Ibens designed table Anvers in 1971.
In their almost 40-year-old carreer Claire Bataille (1940) and Paul ibens (1939) always remained faithfull to their own basic assumption: strive for the greatest simplicity without harming the functionality. Their designs are stripped off every possible lumber, untill only the essence remains. The pure geometry that arises is filled in with intelligently chosen, mostly natural materials, which give an unknown warmth to their projects.
Even though Claire Bataille and Paul Ibens are not architects but interior architects, their projects take place between architecture and design, between exterior and interior, between the perfect plan and the compromise of ‘living’, between arts and crafts. 
In 1968 ’t Spectrum contacted Claire Bataille & Paul Ibens after getting to know their work through an article in the Dutch monthly magazine Avenue, with the intention to take some of their designs into production. The cooperation lasted until 1974, the year that ’t Spectrum was winded up. First an earlier designed wooden chest of drawers and a bar, both in a high-gloss paint, were added to Spectrum’s collection. Later on twelve specifically for ’t Spectrum designed tables, chairs and sofas followed. The pieces were mainly produced from tube or metal parts, combined with glass, wood, linoleum, leather and upholstery. ’t Spectrum was the first company that gave the two designers a chance to have their designs taken into production. Later on they designed for (Belgian) companies like Bulo, Obumex and Feld.

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