• manufacturer/type:

probably made in the by François Arnal created ‘Atelier A’

• designer, year:

Wright Royston Adzak, ±1965

• material:
Cast aluminum

• measurements:

4cm high, 13cm length, 11cm width

• condition:

Nice original condition, with some minor usermarks consisting with age.

• background:

Conceptual British sculptor, photographer, and painter Roy Adzak is known for his bold plaster body columns and dehydrations. This beautiful vide-poche, has been crafted from an aluminum cast of a citron and is typical of his work.

• literature:
None found so far

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D068: rare Pop-Art vide-poche, designed by Wright Royston Adzak around 1965

© Salonfähig, 2012

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Wright Royston Adzak (1927-1987) is perhaps best known as the sculptor who created the iconic anthropometrical man series, exploring the comparative human body in sculpture, photography and print. His original moulds and photos are kept for public view.
His ‘Impressions’ series that included much of the 1960s pays homage to his earlier work as an archaeologist. Other focuses of his art from 1968 onward included the famous dehydration experiments where organic materials were dried and the effects captured in plaster and photography. His ‘Textures’ series dealt exclusively with the impressions organic matter left in inorganic media such as plaster. Ten years later he tried to explain himself in the art journal ‘Leonardo’, where he discussed his attempts to capture plaster moulds of his internal organs.
Shortly before his death in 1987, the modern British sculptor Wright Royston Adzak began building a studio and museum with his own hands. Today, Margaret Crowther runs the private museum and sculpture garden as a permanent showcase and studio for contemporary guest artists. (source: www.justtourfrance.com )